The Sunshine After The Tunnel

Life isn’t a bed of roses,and that’s why we have our blue days and sunshine days.

In times of blue days,when things are going downhill and you are feeling downcast,two options are placed before you; either you let the situation weigh you down and be pessimistic,or you take control of the situation alongside the thudding of your optimistic heart and see the glittering diamond embedded among thousands of rocks. As every challenge that comes our way,lessons are learnt and opportunities pop up.

Tunnels are situated at every stage in life,they are found at every goal we want to achieve,and instead of being let down,thrashed by a circumstance that will become history,develop a thick skin,be like the eagle who soars high in the turbulent winds,see the path in the storm, and you will eventually come out to the other side of the tunnel. Head held high,a victorious smile on your face and you basking in the sunshine!sunshine,bed of roses,optimistic,tunnel,pessimistic,diamond,goal,history,thick skin


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